Team Canvas Basic is a strategic framework that helps team members to kick off projects and align on a common vision. Based on our experience with startups and creative groups, it is made to smoothly start collective projects, let people learn about each other and accumulate enough momentum to get going.

Team Canvas Basic works best at the following touchpoints:

• creating a team

• kicking off a project

• welcoming new team members (e.g. freelancer joining the team)

• basic team alignment meeting

It's a good idea to get team members on board before using Team Canvas Basic. You could use the Competence Triangle before using the Team Canvas.

Introduce the team canvas as a tool to align the team members and get better at understanding goals, roles and values of your team.

Go through each step with the team, making sure you ask the questions for each segment. Encourage people to write their answers on stickies and talk about them with the team. Make sure to agree on all fields.

Use timer for each step to apply some time pressure so the team really focuses on getting to the point in each section discussion.

If some conversations take rather long time or seem to touch upon bigger issues, consider parking those questionsthem during the Team Canvas session and planning a separate meeting to address them specifically.

At the end, the team, could pitch their Team Canvas in front of the others.