Team Agreement

Lay the foundation for the team dynamics with this team agreement.

Team Agreement

Teamwork makes the dream work. Right?


Therefore, it is very important to lay a good foundation for the upcoming collaboration within the team. This tool, the team agreement, will help you with that!


A team agreement is a set of values, principles or behaviours that a team uses to improve their communication and keep each other accountable. This contract can cover how members will work together, make decisions, communicate, share information, and support each other. Social contracts clearly outline norms for how members will and should interact with one another. Answer the questions in the document together and take your time, the whole team must agree on the principles and signs up on following them!


Feel free to go back to this document throughout the process to make sure you follow the rules and principles you agreed on. If there would be any conflict within the team, use this document to help you identify the problem and solve it.

Before you meet, your team do part 1 to prepare and reflect individually. Then meet with the group and do parts 2.1 and 2.2. Use a common document that everyone and access at any time.


Create a team agreement at the beginning of your project even though you don’t have a clear vision of your project yet. Go back to your team agreement halfway through the project to see if you want to remove or add anything to it.