What is the toolbox and how do I use it?

The purpose of the toolbox is to make it clear for the
individual teacher to plan and implement teaching
courses with innovation and entrepreneurship elements - both in the form of shorter courses and workshops as well as longer courses.

TEACHING: material for use in the re-design or new development of courses, where courses can be framed based on a process model and a specific innovation approach.

INSPIRATION: aimed at those users who are interested in seeing examples of how others have worked with I&E in their teaching.

As the toolbox is a result of a corporation between Danish and Swedish educational institutions, the language of the tools on the website are a mixture of Danish, English and Swedish.

Most models and methods in the toolbox have been tested in connection with the work of integrating
innovation and entrepreneurship into courses and courses at the Scandinavian Growth Creators.
The characteristic of this work has been that there is no single approach or direction within the innovation and entrepreneurship theory that we have leaned on.

We have chosen to pick the theories, models and methods we have found most suitable for the
individual courses or workshops. In return, we have made an effort to state where the different
methods and models come from. You can therefore find sources, templates, cases, and examples of
applications for a large part of the descriptions in the toolbox.

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