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Dreams and visions belong in the Pre-seed stage. In terminology where we work with three entrepreneurial stages “Pre-seed”, “Seed” and “Kickoff”. The dream is the strongest starting point for an entrepreneurial idea where you can dedicate your full passion. Often this stage is characterized by being blurred and difficult to put into words. It is the earliest stage of anything that can hold immense potential.

Unfortunately, too many dreams are lost because we do not dare to believe in them ourselves. Because at an early stage we share them with someone who does not believe in them and talk them down. Or because dreams can be difficult to put into action. Partly because they often drive us out of our comfort zone, but also because the first steps can be difficult to navigate. This simple model inspires you to put an early drawing on a dream. This transforms the dream into a vision - the next stage where you can begin to see it with your inner eye. It is a huge step forward because one can now more clearly communicate it, maintain it and navigate for it.

The VisionBoard is developed and illustrated by Carsten Skovlund Hansen

Start with vision board sheet part 1

Take time to reflect on your dream. A dream is a deep longing to create, improve or accomplish something. It is basicall not abnormal that it seems unrealistic and perhaps even impossible.

We do not take a position on this and it is not significant at this level.

A dream will always drive us out of our comfort zone.


Start with a drawing in the first window of the current scenario. This is where we begin. As things are right now. Set the date.

Then draw your dream. The new scenario. If you can draw your dream, it is a powerful tool to move forward. Draw it without limiting your dream. Draw the full scenario that you dream of. Feel free to include people, size, scope or other measurable things. And then set a date for when you want to have achieved your dream.


Next step -VisioBoard sheet part 2

Should be used in a subsequent workshop when sheet 1 has been filled in carefully.

When you have a vision, you have a special personal mandate for this vision. But you are always stronger as a team. So the first task is to put together a team that complements your own skills. In addition to this, you may need to involve advisors of various kinds at ease (not close friends and family!). Use the sheet to consider which (types of) people you will need.

After this, you have to find a location where you will work from.

And when you are ready, you begin to communicate your vision and gradually expand the involvement (last section).


Enjoy! Believe in your dream! It is the clue and the GPS for you to become the best version of yourself.