Project Management

One page paper

One Page Paper is an A4 summary text on What we shall do, for Who, Where and When we shall do it!

One page paper

One-page paper is exactly what it's called, it is an A4 that says what we shall do, for who, what we will deliver and when we shall do it/deliver! Sounds easy right? It is not as easy as you may think. It is a challenge to be able to write a whole process on just one A4 – it has to be on point!

Use the OnePage Paper template to get a better overview of the process and what, you as a group should deliver. This means that this is a template that you fill in together as a group. Make sure you share it with the case company all of you agree on what is expected of the process.

Use the one-page pager template to get an overview of the innovation collaboration, what are you going to do? Are you able to keep it to the point and write it on just one A4? Keep it short and sweet! ;)


Show it to your case company so you all have a good overview and a common understanding of the process.