Who are you and what is your dream? Well, it is time to find out! By using the Dream canvas you will be able to map your interest, network, competencies and maybe most importantly, your dream!  

You can start filling out the canvas on your own and then get help and input from other people in your group. Sometimes it is eye-opening to get some outside perspective on ourselves! We usually tend to not see our own strengths as strengths – so let other people enlighten you!

Let the input you get inspire you to think and dream bigger.

Sit down with your working group and start to fill in the canvas individually, approx. 10 minutes. Then let everyone in the group present their canvases approx. 4 minutes. The group should then give input and inspiration to the one presenting their canvas. If you feel that the person haven’t really understood their own strengths or competences – let them know! ;)