The diamondcanvas is inspired by the canvas found in the report A practical approach to the report the entrepreneurial employee inpublic and private sector - What, Why, How.


The authorsstates that there are 4 aspects of what entrepreneurial people do and how theydo it. Entrepreneurial people exercise their agency (i.e. an emotionallycharged and deeply personal type of action-taking to create something novel ofvalue for others. They do this through conscious and constant learning aboutwhat value(s) different actions and new creations may have for others (page 11in the report)


By using thediamond canvas you can practice these 4 aspects of being entrepreneurial!

Start atthe bottom of the diamond:

Agency -what do you care deeply about? What makes your heart tick? Based on yourmotivational factor or interests you can find an idea for development.

Try to comeup with an idea of something you would like to work with or develop based onwhat you are passionate about. Place your idea in the middle of the canvas.


Then moveover to

Novelty –What is new about this idea?


Go to thefield that says

Value forothers – Think about how your idea is creating value for others.

Learning – how can you learn more about how todevelop your idea, create more value for your target group and learn aboutyourself?

Inspired by the EU report:

A practical approach to the report on the entrepreneurial employee in the public and private sector - What, Why, How

Written by: Martin Lackéus Mats Lundqvist Karen Williams Middleton Johan Inden

Editor: Margherita Bacigalupo