Every year up to 90% of startups fail. And 80% of startups spend more than a year failing. There are various reasons for this and you can find many statistics for this. But one important thing immediately stands out. It takes far too long to discover that your business idea will not succeed.

The Ideation Star is a model that can be used as a coarse filter. If used honestly, within an hour you can get an indication of whether your business idea is viable, whether it should be improved or whether it should be rejected. It does not guarantee that the idea will succeed, but it takes the top of the failing ideas.

The Ideation Star is a test of the viability of an early-stage business idea. In "The Business Creation Journey", the method is positioned just after the clarification of the vision and just before Alberto Savoia's pretotyping (early testing of the market's reaction).

The method does not take a position on sustainability. This is of course a basic prerequisite for being a modern company. But is solely a method to quickly get a feel for the viability of the idea as a business.

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How to operate the Ideation Star Tool: Mark your estimated position on all 5 categories of the star. Pick a position from 1 to 10 for each category. Be honest when you fill it out, otherwise, it won't work. If 3 categories or more hit a position within the red star you have to pivot and improve your idea or come up with a new idea.
Don't try to get all categories outside of the red star, it's almost impossible.

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